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9730 Karasjok
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Sauna and spa

Get away from the stress and bustle of everyday life
In the sauna and the outdoor jacuzzi you can enjoy the night sky and the Northern Lights in winter, and the bright summer evenings with the midnight sun in the summer. All year round you can enjoy unique views out over the river and the old centrum Karasjok center while you feel well-being take over the body..

Although the sauna is a traditional Finnish wood-fired sauna, one can argue that it is a little unconventional with three large windows. You can enjoy the midnight sun in summer and winter a bright starry sky with the Northern Lights, all from the heat in the sauna!


Quality and Safety

It is very important for Karasjok Camping AS that the nature we travel in, are well taken care of. Our environmental mission is to never compromise on environment, health and safety, working always for a zero-injury and pollution vision in these areas.

We have made assessments of all our snowmobile safari packages. If you are traveling alone in nature, summer or winter, let us know where you're going and check with us about any hazards.


Our employees have dedicated responsibility for safety is well looked after by all our activities.


We take care of the nature. We move on approved trails and we always cleans junk after ourselves and others.